Monday, March 5, 2012

The Beginnings of a Goblin Clan

    Thought you guys might want to see some photos. Taking some advice from El Zorro (Follower) about the, if you only have a single monster he's a pincushion problem, I slightly modified my army list. The biggest change was getting rid of the Dweller in the Dark for two more marauders. I figured since I'm going to be fighting Haradrim, it wasn't worth getting a monster at all. Anyway here are some warrior photos.

A few of my favorites

Group photo

    I got around to experimenting with goblin conversions. None of them are pictured here as they are
 not finished yet but I hope to break up some of the monotony of the figures.

    Just a shout out to Jeremy at about his goblin army and goblin conversion posts. Your blog is appreciated.


    I decided not to keep the bases grey but I'm going for the GW dirt look they use on their Lord of the Rings Dwarves and Goblins. So if anyone knows how to paint bases with a resemblance to those, your feedback would be appreciated.

I'm going for bases something like this


  1. A good start, nice painting...

  2. I love the rusty look on the shields. how did you paint that?

    I'm also intrigued to see how the "no monster" moria force fares. I don't know the marauder stat lines, but I'm sure I wouldn't want to face a pack of them. I am typically a harad player and I regularly face off against a Moria/Angmar army w 2 trolls. Under the old rules, I could match him in numbers because of the Harad's cheap units, and I'd often shoot out one troll, and just feed the other 1-2 sacrificial troops per turn to keep it occupied. It always makes a mess of my lines, but I just need to hold out until they break.

    1. For the rusted shields I used a little bit of bestial brown, sometimes just painting thin lines and sometimes dry-brushing the edges with it.

      The reason I dropped the monster was Harads archery is nasty. My opponent, in his 400 point army list, is fielding ten Watchers. So I don't think my Dweller would even make it into combat. If my Dweller made it into combat, he'd get slaughtered by the Watchers, who are also going to be backed up by Serpent Guards. If I was fighting someone else I'd use him but not Haradrim. The Warg Marauder idea is, they are fast so i can flank him, they can fire two shots even after moving at full pace or when it's in combat, it only counts as one unit for determining the amount of bows in the force, its got three attacks, and as I flank him I can put my spiders behind them for cover until they reach close combat as the Marauder has defense five and three wounds as opposed to the spiders defense three and two wounds.
      M F S D A W C
      Here are the Marauder stats: 10" 3/5+ 4 5 3 3 3

  3. Nice goblins, and I agree, the shields look great!