Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Battle Companies

    By the gods!

    Some of you may be familiar with the Battle Companies Rules that Games Workshop released a few years ago. For those of you who aren't, here is a sum up of the present issue.
    "A few years ago, Games Workshop introduced an entirely new way of playing their popular wargame, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Published and later updated in the White Dwarf, the Battle Companies rules presented players with the opportunity to build a small warband and then watch that group of warriors grow and improve as fate and the tides of battle allowed. Written as a scenario-driven, skirmish-based game, the SBG rules were perfect for this type of gaming. At one time, rumors of a Battle Companies Expansion were being thrown about. I wrote to Jervis Johnson to inquire about this project and he seemed to indicate that something like this might be in the works. However, months have stretched into years and still there has been no movement on this front, especially with the shift towards larger scale games as indicated in the primacy of the War of the Ring ruleset. To compound matters, the Battle Companies rules are no longer available for download, making it very difficult for players to obtain a copy and even if they could, the rules have not been updated in quite some time."
    Well anyway, After I lost my copy of the Battle Companies Rules, (I know, I'm a nut) I surfed the internet for awhile. Then I came across this, battlecompanies.wordpress.com
    "The intent of this blog is to create, playtest and distribute an entirely new and updated version of Battle Companies to players around the globe. The idea is that this will be a living rulebook, open to expansion and revision as needed. Watch this space for developments, and I look forward to receiving your feedback on the project! "
    I immediately started converting models for a warband and intend to keep you updated on its  progress in a series of blog posts. I encourage you guys to check it out and consider making your own warband. It's a great game and is really worth trying out.


    Just wanted to say thanks to Jonathan Baker for his adaptation of Battle Companies. Your work is appreciated.

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  1. No problem! How is your warband faring?