Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goblin Army List, 400 points

    Haven't been able to do much work on the hobby front lately. Just posting my plans for the beginnings of my Moria force. Just a quick post to keep you guys updated.

Goblin 400 point Army List
(23 models)
                        Warboss: Durburz, Goblin King
                                    Warband 1: 4 Goblin warriors with shields
                                                     4 Goblin warriors with spears
                              Boss: Goblin Captain with shield
                                    Warband 2: 4 Goblin warriors with bow
                                                     1 Warg Marauder
                              Boss: Gundabad Captain
                                    Warband 3: 2 Gundabad warriors with shield
                                                     1 Gundabad warrior with spear
                                                     3 Giant Spiders
                                                     Dweller in the Dark

    I'm really pleased with The Dweller in the Dark. Even though his strength and defense are only 5, he moves 8" (20 cm), has a fight value and courage of 7, the Murderous Power special rule, and at 75 points he's cheaper and better then the cave troll in my opinion. 

    That's it for now, I hope to get some work done on my goblins soon. I'm still debating with myself as to paint their bases brown or grey. I'll  keep you guys updated and hopefully I can put some pictures up soon.


    Murderous Power: Whenever a Dweller in the Dark slays an enemy model, it regains a single Wound suffered previously in the battle. This cannot take it above its starting total.


  1. if you glue a bit of sand to the bases with a gray drybrush, it makes a very nice rocky base.

    also, I'd definitively recommend adding a second monster (troll/dweller) to your force. In my experience, when you have only one, all you have done is to add a very expensive pincushion to your army. The second monster helps ensure that at least one make it into the melee as enemy archers have to focus on one or the the other or risk letting both into the fight.

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