Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Converted Goblin Captain

    Awhile back, I got a cheap set of 24 used goblins. I've been meaning to get some work done on them but I kept putting it off (all of you wargamers know how that is). So the other day, a fellow goblin player, called me up asking me if I could get him a cheap Goblin Captain. I told him yes and after some conversion work I came up with this.

    Really simple conversion. Just an arm swap, shield attachment, head swap, and some green stuff mail and shoulder plates. I'm really pleased with how he came out and I really like how the paint pulled this figure together. I like having, for goblins, simple and effective paint schemes. This was just flat colors covered with a wash and a highlight for the armor.

    That's all I got for now. I have been busy working on some new terrain for some gaming this weekend but I did manage to get some work done on my Battle Company. I'll try and post some pics, hopefully by next weekend and keep you guys updated.