Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goblin Army List, 400 points

    Haven't been able to do much work on the hobby front lately. Just posting my plans for the beginnings of my Moria force. Just a quick post to keep you guys updated.

Goblin 400 point Army List
(23 models)
                        Warboss: Durburz, Goblin King
                                    Warband 1: 4 Goblin warriors with shields
                                                     4 Goblin warriors with spears
                              Boss: Goblin Captain with shield
                                    Warband 2: 4 Goblin warriors with bow
                                                     1 Warg Marauder
                              Boss: Gundabad Captain
                                    Warband 3: 2 Gundabad warriors with shield
                                                     1 Gundabad warrior with spear
                                                     3 Giant Spiders
                                                     Dweller in the Dark

    I'm really pleased with The Dweller in the Dark. Even though his strength and defense are only 5, he moves 8" (20 cm), has a fight value and courage of 7, the Murderous Power special rule, and at 75 points he's cheaper and better then the cave troll in my opinion. 

    That's it for now, I hope to get some work done on my goblins soon. I'm still debating with myself as to paint their bases brown or grey. I'll  keep you guys updated and hopefully I can put some pictures up soon.


    Murderous Power: Whenever a Dweller in the Dark slays an enemy model, it regains a single Wound suffered previously in the battle. This cannot take it above its starting total.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Lord of the Rings Releases

    As you all well know, Games Workshop recently released new Lord of the Rings models and sourcebooks. If you haven't seen them, there up on the GW website.

Warg Marauder
Great Beast of Gorgoroth
Anyway, I ordered all the new sourcebooks, which arrived earlier today. I must say, they are fantastic. A basic sum up of each book would be;

                            Introduction to new rules
                            Scenarios (some of them are new and others are older ones with updates)
                            Unit stats
                            Scenarios from the movie and books
                            Army stat sheet

    Here's a photo of the books that arrived earlier today

   Just looking through them and I'm really pleased with the Moria and Angmar book. Moria players now have some great new editions to there army list such as the new Watcher in the Water. This enormous krakenlike beast has a stunning six attacks. At 250 points, I would say that's not looking to shabby. With his ranged tentacle attack he not an enemy to take lightly.
    And with the dragon (Yes, I know he's not new) Moria doesn't look to sad after all. I originally started my Moria force mainly for increasing my hobby skill to later apply on my army of choice, but now, I think I'm going to stick with Moria for a bit longer and paint up some monsters.